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Pipeline Technology Class

The Pipeline Know-how Conference (PTC) is Europe’s main pipeline convention and exhibition on high-stress pipeline methods. Canadians usually categorical concern about the industry’s ability to detect small pipeline leaks On this publish , we clarify what causes pinhole-sized leaks and focus on how technologies, similar to specialized cameras that detect evaporated hydrocarbons, can help alert corporations to tiny leaks.

Organized by ASME Learning and Growth, the Pipeline Expertise and Standards Coaching Week is a studying discussion board aimed toward engineers and technical professionals concerned with design, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines.

Laboratory activities additionally embody oxyacetylene welding, brazing, and cutting (OAW), Arc Welding (SMAW), MIG Welding (GMAW), Flux Cored Welding (FCAW), TIG welding (GTAW), Pipe welding and certification take a look at preparation per present business requirements, practices and strategies.

The Certain-Liner Inside pipe-lining process entails the insertion of a tight-match HDPE (Excessive Density Polyethylene) plastic liner pipe inside of a metal pipe, thereby making the most of the mechanical strength of the metal pipe mixed with the corrosion and abrasion resistance of the plastic liner.

The Innovation Model: The CPTC is an trade-driven collaboration offering the main target, alignment and self-discipline needed to realize the high-impression know-how outcomes that will result in enhanced market adoption of Alberta- and Canadian-based pipeline options.