Do you remember those good old days of buckets and brushes? The very tedious and time consuming car painting experiences to a point one cannot stop asking him/herself how on earth how we managed to do the panting tasks? I guess it’s true. As the saying goes, everything on earth has its time.

Two Americans, Joseph Binks and Dr.Allen DeVibiss revolutionalised the painting industry by inventing a hand held air- powered spray gun. The ultimate purpose for this particular gun was to paint furniture which later on was adopted by the automotive manufacturing and repair industries and workshops. This device has evolved from time to time and today as we are speaking we have three types of automotive paint/spray guns namely, High Pressure low volume (HPLV) paint gun, Low pressure Low Volume (LPLV) paint gun and Reduced Pressure (RP) paint gun. All these machines are available in the market. You can actually be spoilt for choice but what you need to do is seek for knowledge before making any purchase.

Quality and longevity


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Vehicles painted using automotive paint gun stay for many years before they are taken back for a repaint because not even the weather conditions can have negative effects on them especially the hot and sunny conditions. It’s also impossible for the paint to peel off or soak water in when you are washing your car.

Painting a car achieves excellent results but can be really messy and tedious. However, with the use of automotive paint gun, work is done fast without much effort. These devices are user friendly and reduce paint wastage because there is less overspray. Also, you are able to achieve smooth and uniform results using paints guns.


After you are through with your painting, the only thing you need to clean is the cup. You just unscrew it from the gun and clean with either hot or cold soapy water for reuse. This is so especially when you are using multiple shades of paint at the same time. It is so convenient. Always make sure you clean the cup after use.

This gun allows for settings adjustments according to the size of your project at that particular time. A good example is when you have a big gun but the project is small, just adjust the gun using a mini –hopper with 2.5 quart capacity.

If you manage to purchase a quality non disposable gun, it will actually serve you for a very long time before you think of a replacement. They can be long lasting meaning very economical.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Unlike the traditional way of painting, you don’t need anyone to teach you how to do the spraying. You just need to read the manufacture’s manual on how to use the gun, get information on how to mix your paint and you are good to go. This is a great advantage to your spending right?

I advise you to get into the market and grab yourself one automotive paint gun.

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