Current Advances In Mechanical Micromachining

Open up new alternatives for extremely-precise machining of miniaturized components in various fields of expertise, together with aerospace, defense, medical devices, semiconductor that will require wire diameters down to zero.02 mm. The overview includes matters of process physics, together with supplies and microstructural results, machine instruments, tooling and sensing, workpiece and design issues, software program and simulation instruments, and other issues, e.g. surface and edge end, and outlook for future developments.

That´s why we offer our customers qualitatively, high finish, dependable and buyer friendly machines for all applications of the laser micromachining to assist increase the manufacturing efficiency of our prospects to optimize procedures and reduce costs.

Micro-gap drilling, cutting, 3D machining, scribing, contouring, micro-milling, welding, and surface therapy of materials as diverse as silicon, metals and plastics have all developed from the remarkable capabilities of precision laser micro-machining.

(Nearly unnoticed, the advance of the computer did so 20 years in the past.) Of course, the demands of the optics and microelectronics industries will continue to exert pressure to enhance the standard, effectivity and reliability of diamond machining processes.

The individuals at LightMachinery are veterans of the laser and optics world with many years of expertise in the areas of optical design, excessive power lasers, optical fabrication, laser programs, metrology, thin film coatings and customized machinery fabrication.