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5 Steps to Clean An Ice Machine

Ice Machine

Ice is a kind of food as defined by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration. However, ice is not only be used in food service such as in restaurants, bars, cafeterias, cafes but also be used in medical service such as in nursing homes and hospitals. Has ice ever been deal with and care for in the same manner like other kinds of food? This article will detail steps to clean and maintain your appliance properly to keep your ice machine or portable ice maker performing well.

Any part of an ice machine that has contact with water will incur scale, slime and mound at any time that could contaminate ice. Not frequent cleaning ice machine will raise issues such as not releasing ice or slow to harvest, ice will not be cycled into harvest mode, and machine produces shallow or incomplete cubes and costly repairs. (more…)

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Guide to buying a food dehydrator


When deciding which food dehydrator to go for, you will find that they come in different sizes and shapes and are awesome to have in your kitchen. Dehydrators preserve 100% nutritional value of the food being preserved. The question that puzzles shoppers when shopping for the best dehydratoris which one to buy. Different people have distinct desires and need some people want capacity others want a dehydrator that will function in small spaces. (more…)

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Benefits of a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

Virtually every kitchen currently has a chamber vacuum sealer. They have slowly grown in popularity to become a must have appliance in most homes. However, owing to the benefits that they have to offer it is understandable how they have become every home owners pride and joy. With the wide variety of benefits that the vacuum sealers have to offer, they have constantly shone a light on themselves and how handy they can become around the house extending their uses to beyond being able to store your food safely and hygienically. Here are some of the benefits that they have to offer. (more…)

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How to Shop for a Trendy Kitchen Faucet?

kitchen faucet

Everybody wants to shop for a trendy kitchen faucet; one that can be the centre of attraction in your ultra-designer kitchen and earn you the greatest compliments from one and all. But if you happen to be a newcomer to the field of home design and kitchen technicalities, it is quite possible that you will not be able to decide where or how to shop for a trendy kitchen faucet. (more…)

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