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Best fishing kayak 2015

Kayak fishings are built especially for anglers. They provide additional storage space, more comfort for long hours on the water, and accessories like holder bar that makes life easier when people fishing on the water.

There are many options available when it comes to fishing from a small boat or kayak. Here are three options provide excellent quality products, and accessories that will make pleasure your day on the water rather than a frustration.

Riot kayak Escape 12 Angler

The Riot kayak Escape 12 Angler is a flat water kayak sit on top of which is 12 feet in length, it is great for the aquarium. This kayak is made with bells and whistles that anglers will love. It has a great combination of stability and performance with enough room to carry all your devices. The Riot Kayak has 5-rod holders and a pilot rudder system. It has high back chairs for the comfort of an all-day fishing trip. It can adjust slip braces for support and comfort of the feet. The Riot kayak Escape 12 Angler has an anchor trolley system, a blossoming and blooming front cover, an integrated console comes with a molded cup, 4-inch deck plate, 2 paddles, a rear storage deck compartment.All feature that makes a day on the water become a pleasant experience. With all features, the Riot kayak Escape 12 Anglers is worthy for the best fishing kayak 2015.

best fishing kayaks

Classic Accessories Colorado su Pontoon boat

The boat Classic Accessories Colorado su Pontoon is also one of the best fishing kayaks, it has all the elements that people question the need for a great day on the water. It comes in a sage green color or black. The boat style has a seat cushion and agile enough for river fishing. It comes with a high storage capacity, including 20 people with drink bags and 2 insulation. There are a weather engine mount and a storage area behind wire and grounding pin. The Classic Accessories Colorado su Pontoon will bring the rod that can be mounted in different positions on the vertical paddle. Rowing oars stood holding, so you do not need to worry about losing a piece of wood when you’re managing your bar. The Classic Accessories Colorado su Pontoon has motor mounts can be used for trolling. Seat and footrest can be adjusted to several positions for added comfort. The sides are inflatable and folding chairs down to transport and compact storage. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Solstice Voyager 4 person Boat

Solstice Voyager 4 person Boat is ideal for fishing. It builds heavy plastic construction and the ability to multi-person. This boat is a perfect choice when fishing with children. It has 4 double chambers hull and can be used on a river or lake. It is an inflatable boat storage creates a compact and can be transported in a truck. The seats also inflatable for a comfortable ride while on the water. The boat can be inflated with a hand or electric pump. The-Boat comes with swivel oar locks that keep the oars in place while you’re enjoying the water. Is there a person holding a stick in the back of the boat that secures the rod. Solstice Voyager 4 person Boat with a motor mounting options, allowing you to get on the water faster. It can accept an electric or gas motor.


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